Sweetland Hall


Sweetland Hall

Finished in 1988, Sweetland Hall is the newest of the dormitory facilities. It is also the largest, capable of hosting 175 guests overnight. Primary rentals include visiting school groups, ranging from youth sports teams to college research teams, as well as large conference groups. Those considering a more private setting or requesting access to a kitchen, may also consider the Sweetland Hall apartments.

Sweetland Hall also includes a large dining area, with windows looking out on the bordering Tongass rainforest. Access to a commercial kitchen is available, making Sweetland convenient for everything from conferences to benefit dinners. Tables may be arranged either cafeteria-style or family-style, or cleared away for concerts and dances.


Can host up to 175 guests overnight

Access to commercial kitchen and dining area

Dining hall can seat up to 180 guests

Apartments with private kitchen and common room

Conference room, dining area, and lobby for group meetings

Laundry facilities available

Internet available in select locations

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Please Note: Sweetland Hall is not available for rental while Sitka Fine Arts Camp’s summer programs are in session

Floor Plans:

Sweetland – floor plan 1 (Lobby/Dining Hall)

Sweetland – floor plan 2 (First Floor Southeast)

Sweetland – floor plan 3 (Second Floor Southeast)

Sweetland – floor plan 4 (First Floor Northwest)

Sweetland – floor plan 5 (Second Floor Northwest)