When management of the Sheldon Jackson Campus was transferred to local non-profits, new partnerships were formed. Together these organizations maintain the Campus’ heritage of education in the arts, sciences and humanities.

The Sitka Summer Music Festival was founded in 1972 by violinist Paul Rosenthal, on the Sheldon Jackson Campus. Its flagship series is the Sitka Summer Music Festival, bringing classical music and artists to Sitka for three weeks of performances during June.

The Sitka Sound Science Center is dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of the Gulf of Alaska through education and research.

The Sheldon Jackson Museum houses an important collection of 19th century artifacts primarily collected by Dr. Sheldon Jackson from villages around Alaska. During the summer months, the museum hosts a visiting artist program for Alaska Native artists to study the collections and share their work with the public through artist demonstrations, lectures, and workshops.