Save It Or Lose It Campaign

The Laundry Building

Its History

The Laundry Building is a beautiful, nationally recognized historic building that was built in 1911 by Ludlow and Peabody of New York. Also known as the Power Plant and Smoke Stack, the Building was traditionally built and used as the central heating building for the whole campus. The Sheldon Jackson Campus is the first example in Alaska of a central heating plant that distributed heat to multiple buildings.  It also served as the headquarters for laundry on the campus.

Its Current Use

Serving as a home and performance space for the rock band, jazz combos, chamber musicians as well as the poets and songwriters, this building is quite a busy place in the summer!  Unfortunately, during the winter, the building must exist quietly and is not used due to its current condition.

The smokestack is in great need of saving. The roof is in poor condition, with moss growing inside and underneath the shingles, causing leaks that damage the interior of the building when it rains. The exterior is also deteriorating and requires paint to protect the surface of the building.

Future Plans

There is a lot of work to be done, but it is not too late for the Laundry Building. On July 14th, a team of 26 historic restoration volunteers from over 10 of the top universities in the nation as well as 14 states and 2 countries will commence the renovation of the Laundry Building. With the help of these volunteers and supporters of Sitka Fine Arts Camp, we hope to complete the first and most important phase of the building’s restoration: replacing the roof and repairing the deterioration.  If we are lucky with weather and time we will also try to repaint the outside of the building.

Ultimately, we hope that the Laundry Building will be saved and redesignated into an art gallery/cafe area that showcases the artwork of both students and faculty. It will also function as a music studio for students to enhance their skills. Phase one of this project, repairing the roof and exterior, is pertinent to starting this process.

We’ve Done it Before, We Can Do it Again!

With hundreds of volunteers and over $1,000,000 of matched funds raised, we have successfully renovated Odess Theater and Allen Memorial Hall into the gorgeous facility it is today. This was through the contributions of camp supporters who rallied together to accomplish this goal. We’ve done it once, we can do it again.

Things We Need to Work on the Project

The cost of this essential phase of construction is $50,000. With your support we can save the building and make this vision a reality. If 5,000 people give at least $10 each by July 30th, we will meet our goal and will be able to begin saving the Laundry Building. The breakdown of the costs are the following:
Scaffolding – 200 people to give $10 each
Structural Beams – 300 people to give $10 each
Other roofing materials – 500 people to give $10 each
Construction and Supervisor Cost and Meals for Volunteers – 4,000 people to give $10 each

To contribute in a small way that makes a big difference:

Make a donation here or call 907-747-3085 for more information.

Alaska Today, the restaurant at the Alaskan Native Brotherhood Hall in Sitka, has a special deal for those who would like to support the campaign: If you purchase a meal from now until September 30th with the presentation of a voucher, 10% of the profits will go directly to SFAC and rebuilding the Laundry Building. The voucher can be downloaded and printed here.