Saving a Campus


The Sheldon Jackson Campus began in 1882 as a gift from Rev. John G. Brady, colleague of Rev. Sheldon Jackson. Over the years Sheldon Jackson College developed from a trade school for local Tlingit children to a college offering higher education, especially for Native and rural youth in Alaska. In 2007, the Sheldon Jackson College closed, leaving the physical campus in desperate need of repair. In 2011, the College’s Board of Trustees reached an agreement. To maintain the Campus’ heritage of education in the arts, sciences and humanities, several buildings were respectfully sold to the Sheldon Jackson State Museum, the Sitka Summer Music Festival, Youth Advocates of Sitka, and the Sitka Sound Science Center. The majority of the campus, consisting of 20 buildings and 20 acres, was given to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp has since begun to rebuild this national historic landmark with the invaluable aid of generous donors and over 25,000 volunteer hours.

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Restoration Updates

Currently we are underway on a multi-year restoration of Allen Hall.