Sitka Fest 2013


The Sheldon Jackson Campus is evolving into one of the most dynamic, multidisciplinary campuses in the United States. Originally built in 1911 as a mission school for Alaska Natives, the campus was left in disrepair in 2007, when Sheldon Jackson College closed. The campus has come back to life since 2011, thanks to the support of hundreds of individuals and businesses and the thousands of volunteer hours they have invested in re-building this national historic landmark.

As restoration continues, our campus partners have come together once again to present Sitka Fest, a summer festival of music, art, science and the humanities. The diversity and depth of the programs listed here reflect both the resilience of our community and its growing reputation as a major cultural destination of the North Pacific.

For more information and a schedule of events, please check out our Sitka Fest 2013 brochure.

Sitka Fest Directors:

• Nancy Yaw Davis & William Davis, co-directors, Paths Across the Pacific

• Carolyn Servid & Dorik Mechau, co-directors, Island Institute

• Jacqueline Fernandez, curator of collections, SJ Museum

• Lisa Busch, executive director, Sitka Sound Science Center

• Kayla Boettcher, executive director, Zuill Bailey, artistic director, Sitka Summer Music Festival

• Julie Zhu & Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, co-directors, Sitka Fellows

• Edward Littlefield & Christian Fabian, co-directors, Native Jazz Quartet

• Alicia Olson, director, Sitka Seafood Festival

• Paul Cox, director, Sitka Fest

• Roger Schmidt, executive director, Sitka Fine Arts Camp and Alaska Arts Southeast